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"4-Pack Organic Plant Boost Liquid Biofertilizer - Ideal for Every Crop"

"4-Pack Organic Plant Boost Liquid Biofertilizer - Ideal for Every Crop"

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  1. Product Name:  All-Crops Organic Plant Boost Liquid Biofertilizer - Pack of 4.
  2. Package Contain: 4 Piece
  3. Material: Liquid 
  4. Combo/Set Of: Pack of 4

 Balanced Growth: Our Growth Booster promotes balanced growth in plants, ensuring they develop strong roots, healthy foliage, and abundant blooms.

 Versatile Application: Suitable for all crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers, lawns, and container gardens. Perfect for use in terrace gardens, balcony gardens, pots, and poly grow bags.

 Increased Bloom and Fruit Size: Witness the magic of larger, more vibrant flowers and fruits with our Growth Booster. It enhances the bloom set and size, resulting in a more bountiful harvest.

 Enhanced Plant Resistance: This bio-fertilizer boosts the plant's natural defense mechanisms, increasing resistance to drought, frost, and common diseases.

 Long-Lasting Benefits: Enjoy the nutritional value and extended shelf life of your fruits and vegetables. Our Growth Booster enriches the produce with essential nutrients for superior quality.

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