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Water Jug with Faucet

Water Jug with Faucet

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  1. Product Name:  Water Jug with Faucet
  2. Package Contain: 1 Piece
  3. Material : Plastic
  4. Color - White
  5. Combo/Set Of: Pack of 1
  6. Weight: 400gram

? This kind of kettle is resistant to high and low temperatures, and can withstand a temperature difference of -20�C to 120�C. You can pour boiling water directly into the pot without deformation.

? Unique faucet design, you can get drinking water by gently pressing the faucet. The faucet has a rubber ring, so don't worry about leaking.

? High- Materials : This kettle is safe to use, sturdy and durable, because it is made of the safest food-grade PP material, not afraid of falling, not afraid of temperature differences.

? Faucet Design?The faucet design allows you to get drinking water by gently pressing the faucet. Designed with rubber ring, anti-blocking, sealing, no leakage.

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